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The French institute for Mind and Body Practices (IFPPC), Complementary and Alternative Medicine Keys (CAMKeys) Center, was founded and is led by Isabelle Celestin-Lhopiteau and gathers a team of psychotherapists (doctors and psychologists), trainers (doctors, psychologists, nurses) and researchers around mind-body practices.


This Institute develops a particular and innovative approach:

  • A therapy and integrative health coaching center in Paris where patients can benefit for individual or group support:
  • With mind-body practices (hypnosis, yoga, meditation, massage, Qi Gong...) including the learning of this practice that can be used independently
  • With the construction of an integrative care course where different mind-practices will be incorporated. A meeting with the center's specialists - physicians, psychologists, nurses - helps to co-construct this path during which a toolbox will be co-developed to deal with pain, stress...
  • With Integrative Health workshop (self-hypnosis, yoga, meditation, qi gong, dance, massage, cooking...)
  • Each participant learns simple ways to take care of himself and to integrate daily practices into his life, in order to cope with the stress in everyday life, leading to develop a real lifestyle
  • These workshops are educational and therapeutic at the same time in their stress and burnout prevention dimension
  • Training by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals


The mind-body practices are integrated as complementary practices by various health professionals in their field of expertise.

These courses take place in our Center or on site in the institute that ask for the training - hospitals, clinics, etc. that asks us. In addition, we offer the possibility of consulting integrative health practices (situation analysis and needs on site) to create customized training.

In this perspective, we offer:

  • Specific training for caregivers in hypnosis, meditation, Optimization Techniques potential, Ayurvedic practices, massage, Qi Gong...
  • 'Integrative' training, which means, offering to learn and experiment with various mind-body practices to develop coaching and integrative health care pathways that include different practices or different stakeholders.
  • Monitoring or supervision periods of trained participants, allowing monitoring over time to continue to adjust the training to their daily practice and help develop a network of professionals who can share experiences and help each other.


  • Health Care Development, in business and in medical services. The development of mind-body practices also means Health Care development, that is to say, consulting and specialized training in well-being at work and the efficient development of preventive strategies. The mind-body techniques are thus proposed for stress management and better communication within teams.


  • An axis centered on research and academic collaboration
  • Our center participates to collaborative research with various hospital services and other centers but also in our institute with patients to assess the ongoing effectiveness of our practices
  • Creation of 3 University Diplomas in Mind-Body Practices and Integrative Health, in Hypnosis and Anesthesia and in Stress Management, Paris Sud University, Bicêtre University Hospital
  • The need to clarify our practices using research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and anthropology pushed me to create:
  • Meetings in IFPPC and CAMKeys Center, that bring together various experts to think on research methodology in the field of Mind-Body Practices and Integrative Health
  • Literature review that allows us to identify various research on these practices


  • A reflection research and experimentation group on the model of laboratory of ideas (or Think Tanks), with various information and sharing platforms and moments on Mind-Body Practices and Integrative Health:
  • Symposiums organized by the association “Thérapies d’ici et d’Ailleurs”
  • IFPPC ‘Thursday Evening Conferences’ that bring a theme and experience around a Mind-Body Practices to patients and caregivers
  • Supervision groups on clinical cases encountered by professionals practicing various Mind-Body Practice
  • Books and IFPPC study travels: in India (Delhi, Dharamsala, Leh), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk) and France
  • Seminaries in Ukrainia

I.F.P.P.C.  Centre CAMKeys - 7 rue des Cordelières - 75013 PARIS

Contactez-nous au 09 53 81 84 40

Les prises de rdv se font auprès du secrétariat,

du lundi au vendredi de 13h30 à 17h30.